Imagines Maiorum - Ancestors from Campania

Towns and Families


Listed to the right are the towns (comuni) that I am reserching.  In each town's file is a surname directory.  Initial articles are ignored for alphabetization (e.g. Di Luccio is listed under “L”,  D’Andrea is listed under “A”).  Female individuals are alphabetized by maiden name,  information on any of their children,  male or female,  will be found under the husband’s name.  Unique individuals and certain very small families are grouped  under the miscellaneous heading.

Individuals are listed by generation from oldest to most recent.  Each generation is given a Roman numeral that broadly corresponds to its time frame,  with some room for overlap-e.g. generation III is roughly 1895-1935,  generation IV is roughly 1865-1905,  etc.   I have generally omitted individuals born after 1930-generations II,  I(my own),  -I and so forth.  This organizational method helps me compare temporal relationships between families,  as some families can be traced over seven or eight generations,  others only two or three.

Please note that exact dates are written in dd/mm/yyyy format;  e.g. 07.09.1900 is September 7th, 1900.

While some surnames descend from a single known common ancestor,  others have multiple branches,  which are separated from each other by an underline.   I have erred on the side of caution with regard to this:  For example while I am fairly certain that all the Monte San Giacomo Cardillos are descended from a single patriarch,  I do not yet have enough facts to identify him,  so for now I have left that family divided into three main branches,  plus a handful of “stray” small branches and individuals.

A simple question mark after a name means that I am not certain of the exact spelling.  A parent or spouse in parenthesis with a question mark means I am not certain of the relationship.  Spelling of many surnames varied over time,  in particular,  spelling might have changed slightly after a family emigrated overseas.  I have used the most common spelling for each name in the directory,  with any individuals with different spelling listed in the same file.

For additional notes,  please see the "Sample Individual" listed to the right.

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